Back to Gdynia By Marek Sałatowski

Back to Gdynia

Gdynia is a young, dynamic and rapidly developing city. It is referred to as “a city built on sea and dreams” since its foundation was the aftermath of Poland regaining independence after years of enslavement. On the sands of the Baltic Sea beach, a modern harbor city was built “from scratch”.

Back to Gdynia

Nowadays, Gdynia is inhabited by almost a quarter of a million people and the vast majority of them are proud to be living here. Gdynia’s citizens value their city for the ease of finding attractive jobs, good education and comfortable apartments. Also, they point out the reliable public transport, safety and availability of services – not to mention the sea, beaches, hills and forests right on their doorstep.

Add to this the highest annual number of sunny days and you will meet the most satisfied Polish citizens, sociologists say. For many years Gdynia has been famous in Europe for hosting outstanding cultural events, such as the Open’er Festival, where they have the best music artists of the world play their gigs.

A number of prestigious festivals are organized every year, among them being Ladies’ Jazz Festival, Globaltica Word Cultures Festival, and Gdynia Blues Festival – with a stage right next to the Seaside Boulevard. Another example of a famed cultural event in Gdynia is the Literary Award, which has quickly become a popular event among Polish poets, novelists, and essayists due to its unique formula.

And, last but not least, Gdynia Film Festival – the largest film festival in Poland and the only one which for decades has been promoting Polish cinematography in Europe on a large scale. Gdynia is well-known for its comfortable and varied hotel accommodation.

As a harbour city at the junction of trade routes, it has always been known as the Polish shopping paradise. In Gdynia, top-quality shopping is a matter of tradition – among the must-see shopping destinations is the Riviera shopping centre. Being the biggest shopping centre in Northern Poland, Riviera offers 70 thousand square meters comprising 240 shops, restaurants, cafes, plus a playground for children and a multiplex cinema.

Another object worth mentioning is the historical Market Hall with its stalls groaning with mounds of fresh and tasty produce. If you have a low boredom threshold, Gdynia will accommodate you with different means of active recreation. Gdynia has perfect conditions for amateur sailors, with a modern marina at their disposal.

Cyclists, nordic walkers, swimmers, horse riders and divers will also feel at home. For those preferring live-action to watching TV, we also have good news.

The city’s sports facilities are top-rate. The Gdynia Sports Forum is used by first-class rugby, basketball and handball teams, as well as local football teams Arka Gdynia and Bałtyk Gdynia.